Welcome to d20 Diaries!

This is a personal blog where I write and collect information about my passion: d20 games. Sometimes known as pen and paper games, you’ll find posts about Dungeons and Dragons, Tails of Equestria, Starfinder and my personal favourite: Pathfinder.

As a new blog, d20 diaries is in its infancy. But, it will soon be home to advice, adventures, anecdotes, game aids, fiction, inspiration, reviews, tutorials for new gamers, and links to other helpful sites and products. Thanks for joining us, and be sure to check in soon for new content.

And who am I? Who is the author of these diaries? I’m a wife and a mother. I’m Canadian. I’m a student of anthropology who put her studies on hold to have a family. I love to read. Occasionally to write. I used to draw, but haven’t had time for that in years. I spend my days surrounded by young children–both mine and my brother’s. I love games of all kinds: board games, video games, card games. I play Magic: the Gathering with my husband and brother. I play Pokemon with my kids. I’m a long-time player and GM of d20 games. I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons, Starfinder, Pathfinder, Tails of Equestria, Traveller, and BESM, although Pathfinder’s my game of choice. I play in person with my family, at local organized play conventions, and online through play-by-post. I’m proud to be a freelance RPG writer (check out my work).

I love the stories and the characters d20 games bring out in us. I love the collaboration it requires. The creativity. The shared triumph. I love sharing the games with my family. My siblings, my husband, and now my children. I love watching them roll their dice in their little hands, bouncing in excitement at the table. I love watching them count on their fingers, or write tallies on the table to figure out if they hit the sneaky goblin with their sword or their spell. I love when instead of telling me what they do, they show me. They leap out of their chairs and act out their turns, hopping around in excitement. I love the joy in their eyes when they manage to befriend yet another animal to add to their menagerie–even though the last thing I want is another pet to help them control.

I love d20 games. I love how they bring us together, and how they inspire us to create, and imagine, and cooperate.

My name is Jessica.

Welcome to my diaries.

Click here for a list of my Freelance Work.

Curious where we got our awesome red jumbo d20 that’s featured in many of our photos? So are a lot of people! So for all of you who keep asking, allow me to enlighten you! It’s made by Koplow Games, and if you click that handy link it’ll take you right to it. It’s also pretty snazzy in green, and blue.

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