Freelance Work

I’m a freelance tabletop RPG author. A list of projects I’ve contributed to is below.


Paizo, Inc.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (Second Edition)

Starfinder Roleplaying Game

Starfinder Adventure Paths

  • Starfinder #39: The Gilded Cage (Fly Free or Die Book 6), Author (forthcoming)

Starfinder Society Scenarios

Paizo Fans United

Dungeon In A Box

  • Wondrous One-Shots: Missing and the Mist, Author (5th Edition)
  • Wondrous One-Shots: Clockwork Heist, Author (5th Edition)
  • Unannounced Project, Author (5th Edition)
  • Unannounced Project, Author (5th Edition)

Rusted Iron Games

  • Tombstone Gazeteer, Contributor (PF2), (forthcoming)

Sunburst Games

Other Roleplaying Games

  • Hard Wired Island, a retrofuture cyberpunk roleplaying game. Contributor (forthcoming)


Winner of Paizo’s Evil Iconics Design Challenge with Evil Lini

Honourable Mention in Paizo’s Rasputin Redesigned Challenge with Occultist Rasputin

Entrant in Paizo’s Stranger Things Design Challenge with Eleven