Character Focus

Characters are the beating heart of every d20 adventure. They’re the spirit. The drive. The lens through which players will experience a story. Here at d20 Diaries, we LOVE characters, and you’ll find a lot of them on the blog. For ease of reference, I’ve compiled all of our articles where player characters are introduced. This is where you’ll learn about their origins and intended adventures, as well as gain insight into the technical aspects and mechanical decisions that went into each one’s creation. So take a look at some of the colourful characters kicking around d20 Diaries, and get inspired!

Adventure Paths

The Shackled City – Falco Rhiavadi, Rabbity Castellan, Mick Frimfrocket, Aeris Caldyra
Reign of Winter: Part One (ish) – Aesir Havelock, Huxley Rangvald
Iron Gods: Character Focus: Haji and Nix – Haji, Rothmhar, Nix
Character Focus: Mummy’s Mask: Fateway Five – Arc Goodstorm, Kasmet, Nazim Salahadine, Kal


Character Focus: Professor McMaan – Professor McMaan
Crown of the Kobold King: Part One – Lorelei, Farris, Kilarra Bloodborn, Kiyla

Pathfinder Society

Joining the Pathfinder Society – Bunny Paras, Paras, Senton ‘Mr. Ice’, Enzo Jeggare
OutPost 2018 – Fuzzy, Bobby, Lady Naysha, Miss Whiskers
Character Focus: “Scaredy” Sir Lansle Eine – Sir Lansle Eine
Character Focus: The Tangletops – Toban, Rosie and Jastrokan Tangletop
Character Focus: Wacky and Weird – Croak, Pinesong Rippleroot, Sereia, Lomo
Character Focus: Danicka Raburnus – Danicka Raburnus, Prickles

Pathfinder Playtest

Character Focus: Doomsday Dawn – Toran Goldbrew, Samantha, Bloois, Blooey, Zan, Badger, Leshy


Starfinder: Character Focus – Hoponisa (Hops), Vishkesh, Rijin, Tucker Aetherfoot, Aya
Competitions and Compliments – Julakesh Starfist
Character Focus: Dead Suns – T’Kesh: Killer Chef, Rabbot, Nubb, Skitt

Ode to the Lost

Ode to the Lost: Lara Belfast – Echo (Lara Belfast

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