Mantisbane Pact

One of the play-by-post campaigns I am lucky enough to take part in is run by the wonderful GM Zek on Paizo’s messageboards. The campaign is called the Mantisbane Pact, and it takes place in Golarion, the world of Pathfinder. Mantisbane Pact involves an alliance of powerful monarchs and rightful rulers who come together to destroy the Red Mantis Assassins and their god, Achaekek. Our players would act as their agents, travel to Ilizmagorti (a city firmly in the grasp of the Red Mantis Assassins), and work to bring the entire organization crumbling down.

No pressure, right? Haha.

Interested players needed to create a short story for their characters as part of the selection process. My character, a smart-ass, jaded slayer name Kilarra Calvennis, was accepted alongside a team of other awesome PCs to undertake this mission. At various times throughout the adventure we also had the opportunity to write other vignettes and flashbacks, often from the view of our shaman, who can view moments from the past by using the Akashic Record. What follows is my initial short story, and a collection of vignettes I wrote for the campaign. Enjoy!

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The Mantisbane Pact

Beginnings (the origins of Kilarra Calvennis)
Release (a vision written in response to our shaman questioning why Kilarra was released from prison, despite being sentenced to life imprisonment for patricide)
Selection (a vision written in response to our shaman questioning why Kilarra was targeted by the Red Mantis)

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