Welcome to d20 Diaries…

Welcome to d20 Diaries!

Here it is… my first post. You might be wondering what’s coming. You might expect me to start with a BANG! A big, bold first post sure to grab your interest and hook you!

You’d be wrong. Haha. I’m going to be starting far humbler than that. I’m going to be giving thanks.

Firstly, thank-you to my husband. Without his unwavering faith in me, and his belief that what I have to say is worth hearing, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be doing this. d20 Diaries wouldn’t exist. Thanks, babe.

Second, thank-you to my GMs. The game masters. The story-tellers. The people who make a game that you can play. This is not an easy job. More often than not, this person is me. But when it’s not there’s only been a few of you who’ve taken the entire world on their shoulders. My husband–the craziest GM you’ll ever have the pleasure of playing with. He’ll come up with ideas that will surprise you, entertain you, and leave you talking for years to come. He hasn’t GMed much, but everything he’s done has been memorable. Dear: you’re a blast. My brother: there’s not person I know who’s better at this than you. You’re constantly crafting campaigns, and though I rarely have a chance to play in them, I hear about them constantly. I wish I knew my game mechanics half as well as you do! My son! Six years old and he’s constantly telling tales and forcing everyone with a voice to play his adventures. I wish I had as much energy as you! I’m very proud. And lastly, the first GM who ever crafted a game for us: Rene. If you ever read this know that even though our time together as players was short, you changed all of our lives more than you’ll know! Seriously. Massively. Thank you!

Third, thank-you to my players. d20 games take more than one person. No matter who you are, you cannot play alone. (Well, technically you can, as I’ve proved on more than one occasion when very, very bored; but that’s a discussion for another time…). To properly enjoy a d20 game, you need a team of players. I’ve GMed a lot, but my players have been a pretty small group. Family, friends, and friends of friends. To all of you who’ve been there and played alongside me: this one’s for you. Thanks to my children and my siblings. It’s you who’ve played with me most (excluding my husband, of course, who must put up with me constantly begging him to play just one more session…). Thanks to the friends who’ve played alongside me, and the friends of friends. If you’ve played with me, then thank you!

Fourth, to the many, many online player’s I’ve recently joined on Paizo’s play-by-post boards: thanks for letting me join you and keeping the games rolling! I’m loving the community, and the games.

Lastly, thanks to all of you. The new readers of d20 Diaries. Thanks for joining me on this crazy ride! We’re just getting started.

Now, without further ado…

Let’s get rolling!


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