d20 Diaries hits FIFTY!

Resized_20180118_194717_4193.jpegWell, hello, world! Today’s a big day around the d20 Diaries family, as we’re celebrating our fiftieth post! That’s right. Cue the happy, cheering crowds!

Thank you, thank you… Hold your applause.

We’re still new around here. d20 Diaries is still in it’s infancy. There’s plenty more features we hope to add in the future, and more stories we hope to share. There’s a pile of articles waiting to be fleshed out, and many, many more adventures to be had. So for us, fifty is a BIG DEAL.

So while I drink my celebratory slurpee, and my kids bicker over what I should write about next, let’s all raise out drinks and let out a cheesy ‘CLINK’ sound. Cheers, guys!

Thanks for reading. We appreciate it more than you know!

Here’s to fifty more!


Author: d20diaries

Author of d20 Diaries.

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