A day to celebrate!

Well, hello, world! Today’s a big day around the d20 Diaries family! So crack out your party hats and get ready to clap. I want to hear you all the way in Canada.

d20diairies.comTo start with, it’s the beginning of another school year. My daughter is entering grade one so this marks the first year she’ll be in school all day long, the first year she’ll be enjoying recess, and the first year she’ll be staying for lunch. My daughter loves school, so she couldn’t be happier! She’s bouncing in excitement and smiling so big her cheeks will probably hurt by days end. And as for my son? My son is entering grade two and although he’s happy to get to see his friends… Well, he’d rather stay home and play video games. Haha. He’s growing up so fast!

But, we’re celebrating not just the start of another school year for my children. Oh, no! We’re also celebrating our one hundredth post! That’s right. Cue the happy, cheering crowds!

Thank you, thank you… Hold your applause.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: we’re still new around here. We’ve only been around nine months. Yup! Just nine. d20 Diaries is still in it’s infancy. There’s plenty more features we hope to add in the future, and more stories we hope to share. There’s a pile of articles waiting to be fleshed out, and many, many more adventures to be had. So for us, one hundred is a BIG DEAL.

d20 Diaries has become something bigger and grander than I could have ever imagined. We have some followers through wordpress, a lot through email, and regular readers from all over the world. Sometimes we get visitors from places I admit to never having heard of, which causes me to smile, think ‘that’s awesome!’ and look that country up.  Clearly I’ve got to brush up on my world geography! Our views are increasing regularly and each time we get a comment I still squeal in surprise and delight. (Seriously).

The future’s looking bright!

So while I drink my celebratory cup of tea, and my kids get ready for another school day, let’s all raise our drinks and let out a cheesy ‘CLINK’ sound. Cheers, guys!

Thanks for reading. We appreciate it more than you know!

Here’s to a hundred more!


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