Howl of the Carrion King – Chapter Fifty-one

Chapter Fifty-one
Cutting the Strings

Xulthos seethed.

They had done it!

They had cut down his puppet! On his own territory!

The nerve! The luck!




This could be salvaged, couldn’t it?

They didn’t know of him. They knew only of his puppet.

Those fools thought they had beheaded the dragon, not cut the marionette’s strings.

They thought themselves safe. Triumphant.

Yes, he could feel their exultation. Their jubilation.

The fools.

They would send word to their masters and their masters would come.

The key-holder would come.

Below Kelmarane, Xulthos smiled his insectile smile. He clicked his mandibles and shifted his claws. He rejoiced.

His time was at hand.

He would be free.

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