The Heartless Dead: Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Bree ran.

She ran as hard and as fast as she could. She took every shortcut she knew. She climbed over every obstacle in her path without hesitation or regard for her safety. She ran in the open. She spared no thought for the predators, not now. Not anymore. All she gave thought to was time.

Time. She didn’t have nearly enough.

She had to make it.

She ran until her legs ached and her lungs burned. And still she kept running. She ran until her breath came in ragged gasps and her throat cried out for water. And still she kept running. She ran through the evening, and through the sunset. When it was dark she drew Tempest and kept running.

She was tired. So tired! But she couldn’t stop. If she stopped she doubted her ability to start again. No! She couldn’t stop. Wouldn’t stop. She had to keep going.

Running… Running…

Morning came. Tempest was sheathed. She could run faster without it.

Run. Run. Why was she running?

Had to keep running…

Time became fluid. Sunrise lasted and age and then suddenly it was night.

She was delirious. When had she last rested? Eaten?

Bree prayed. Prayed for strength. Prayed for the willpower to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Her mind strayed.

She was dancing. Singing. Drinking. It was a party! The best that she had ever been to. And a man was there. A man that she swore she knew, but couldn’t quite place. His voice was smooth and sweet as honey. His smile made a warmth spread through her body. His voice was joyful and unrestrained. He told her to keep going. She laughed. Of course she’d keep going! She could party all night long!

“I’m just getting started!” she boasted.

The man smiled. “Prove it.”

Bree’s body staggered on throughout another day and night. Prayers and half formed words tumbled unbidden from her lips.

Prove it.

Run… Run… Keep running…

Dawn came.

Bree stumbled into Thrice Hills.

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