Legacy of Fire

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What follows is a novelization of the Legacy of Fire Adventure Path published by Paizo for the Pathfinder RPG as it occurred for my players. Although the over arcing plot line is true to the published adventures this novel takes a lot of creative liberties in order to create a novel from a d20 campaign. Place names, religions, the world, and many characters are created by Paizo, but much of their reactions and personalities are of my own devising. Many of the side characters were created by me and the main ‘heroes’ by my players.

This fan fiction uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Publishing, LLC, which are used under Paizo’s Community Use Policy. I am expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This fan fiction is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Publishing. For more information about Paizo’s Community Use Policy, please click here. For more information about Paizo Publishing and Paizo products, please visit their website.

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Legacy of Fire – Book One – Howl of the Carrion King

In the desert nation of Katapesh, a courageous but naive young woman named Bree joins a caravan intent on reestablishing the abandoned village of Kelmarane. But a savage tribe of gnolls and their bestial allies hold the town in the name of their merciless master known as the Carrion King. Can Bree and her allies retake Kelmarane or will the quest claim their lives?

Legacy of Fire – Book Two – The Heartless Dead

When Bree stumbles across a series of mysterious corpses she returns to Kelmarane for answers. But with the death toll rising and a new menace to deal with things quickly get complicated. Can Bree put aside her hatred of the gnolls in time to save the Pale Mountain region from this new threat, or does her holy vendetta hold more sway over her heart?

Legacy of Fire – Book Three – The House of the Beast (work in progress)

From within his dark citadel in the Brazen Peaks, the Carrion King rules over his tribe of murderous gnolls, spreading depravity in the name of the god of destruction and threatening to cast the land into a new era of savagery. Can Bree recover her strength in time to stop the murderous warlord and his ravenous gnoll war machine, or will she die within the House of the Beast?


Enjoying the novelization? If you don’t own the Adventure Path for yourself, I highly recommend you pick it up and bring this awesome campaign to your own game table. Legacy of Fire consists of six parts, all printed by Paizo Publishing: Legacy Of Fire – Book 1 – Howl Of The Carrion KingLegacy Of Fire – Book 2: House Of The BeastLegacy Of Fire – Book 3 – The Jackal’s PriceLegacy of Fire – Book 4 – The End of EternityLegacy of Fire – Book 5 – The Impossible Eye, and Legacy of Fire – Book 6 – The Final Wish. There’s also Legacy Of Fire – Player’s Guide, to help your player’s make characters suited to the campaign and invested in its outcome.

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