‘Tis the Season for Sales!

The holidays are getting closer and that means its the season of sales! Whoo!

Who likes saving money on d20 products? I do! So, you can imagine my surprise when I realized that Indigo is having an awesome sale on Dungeons and Dragons products: buy any two Dungeons and Dragons books and get the third free! As an added bonus, most of the D&D products are between 8% – 40% off right now. Pretty sweet! The deal only runs until December 9th, so if you’re hoping to cash in on it you haven’t got long.

As for Pathfinder, head on over to Paizo’s website and check out their many sales. There’s plenty of products on for cheap, including some GameMastery Map Packs for only three dollars each, older Adventure Path volumes for five dollars each (or others for ten), and a ton of other older Paizo products on clearance, including comic books and Pathfinder Tales novels. Also, be sure to check out the ‘Going, Going, Gone‘ sale so you can pick up print copies of Pathfinder books before they’re gone for good!

You can also head over to the OpenGamingStore to check out their Warehouse Clearance Sale, where you can get a ton of print products for half price (including plenty of Pathfinder books). While you’re there pick up the brand new Realms of Atrothia: Legacy Races Revisited!

Know of any other awesome d20 sales? Let me know!

Happy shopping!


Author: d20diaries

Author of d20 Diaries.

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