New Pathfinder Society Scenarios: Grotto of the Deluged God and The Ghol-Gan Heresy

Today we’re going to take a look at two of the most recent Pathfinder Society Scenarios that are currently available for purchase, and let you know we thought. Although you’ll find references to events in each that I liked or disliked, and comments about specific characters, these scenarios are not explored in detail. It’s not my intention to spoil the events in these scenarios, or give summaries and full reviews, but to share my opinions and provide recommendations. That said, if you want to avoid even minor spoilers then I recommend clicking on a different article. Whether you intend to use them in home games of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, sanctioned scenarios for use with the Pathfinder Society Organized Play, or just want to read a nifty new adventure, we’ve got you covered! So let’s get cracking!

grotto of the deluged god - nalu - enrique barajas
Nalu from #9-22: Grotto of the Deluged God. Illustrated by Enrique Barajas. Art courtesy of Paizo Inc.

Scenario #9-22: Grotto of the Deluged God is a Tier 1-5 adventure written by Gabrielle Harbowy (who also happened to write the wonderful novel Pathfinder Tales: Gears of Faith). It takes place in the ever-lasting hurricane, The Eye of Abendego! It features creatures from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 2 (although all of the necessary stat blocks are included within the scenario) and utilizes the Pathfinder: Flip-Mat: Elemental Planes Multipack, Pathfinder: Flip-Mat: Warship or Pathfinder Flip-Mat Classics: Ship and a custom map. This mission is of particularly importance to members of the Concordance faction.

This adventure tasks the PCs with locating the lost Pathfinder ship, Pride of Aspenthar, which was lost in the events leading up to Scenario #7-19: Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts. Any characters who have played that scenario or those related to it (Scenario #6-06: Hall of the Flesh-Eaters and Scenario #8-14: Hrethnar’s Throne) or are from the Concordance Faction can gain a minor bonus during this adventure, which is a nice touch. There’s some nice terrain hazards that can complicate one of the encounters, which I rather enjoyed. The exploration of the shipwreck was enjoyable, and I rather liked that it didn’t give everything away. I’m a fan of giving players hints as opposed to answers.  The social encounters in this one were all enjoyable, and I like the looming sense of danger in some of them.  Overall, I really enjoyed this scenario. I give it four out of five stars.

ghol-ghan heresy - parveen - tadas sidlauskas
Parveen from #9-23: The Ghol-Gan Heresy. Illustrated by Tadas Sidlauskas. Art courtesy of Paizo Inc.

Scenario #9-23: The Ghol-Gan Heresy is a Tier 7-11 adventure written by Charlie Brooks. It begins in Eleder, but quickly leads the PCs to the ruined cyclops city of Kadoddi, located in Sargava’s Kaava Lands. This scenario is of particular importance to the Exchange faction, and involves both the Aspis Consortium, and the Vanji Prospector’s Guild. In addition, it continues an ongoing storyline that includes: Scenario #6-14: Scions of the Sky Key Part 2: Kaava Quarry, Scenario #8-21: Champion’s Chalice Part 2: Agents of the Eye, and Scenario #9-10: Signs in Senghor (which was an amazing scenario written by my brother, Kris Leonard! I highly recommend picking it up!). The Ghol-Gan Heresy features creatures from Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 2 and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 3 and utilizes the Pathfinder: Flip-Mat Classics: Forest as well as two custom maps.

pfs 9-23 - kahsu - tadas sidlauskas
Kahsu from #9-23: The Ghol-Gan Heresy. Illustrated by Tadas Sidlauskas. Art courtesy of Paizo Inc.

This adventure tasks the PCs with shutting down an Aspis Consortium operation in the area thereby ensuring that a powerful asura remains imprisoned. It has some wonderful NPCs who make cameos including the return of Pathfinder Fola Barun, and gripplis! Who doesn’t love grippli? Purpurrup and Mother Bogwynne would be great fun at a table. There’s some fun social encounters, important decisions, difficult battles, and even features manifestations, which is a rarely used mechanic that functions similar to a haunt that was first introduced in Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Hell Unleashed. Thankfully, all the rules necessary to use these manifestations are included in the scenario. But, my favourite part? The final encounter is really well written and, with the right GM, has the potential to be epic! I give this scenario five out of five stars!

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June New Releases!

Hey, guys! It’s that time again! A new month brings new releases!

There were plenty of fun releases last month, including two awesome pawn collections I’d love to get my hands on: Ruins of Azlant Pawn Collection and Starfinder Pact Worlds Pawn Collection. We were also treated to War for the Crown: Part 4 of 6: City in the Lion’s Eye, and the Pathfinder Players Companion: Blood of the Ancients. The Pathfinder Society Scenarios were solid, and the Starfinder Society Scenarios really knocked it out of the park. Amazing! And this month? Well, I think it’s looking just as exciting…

PZO1141First up, Pathfinder’s released a new hardcover book: Planar Adventures. I’ve been a huge fan of Pathfinder Chronicles: Pathfinder Campaign Setting: The Great Beyond since it’s release, so to see that the Planes are getting an entire hardcover complete with new archetypes, feats, spells, gear, monsters and three player races, is AWESOME!

Moving on from hardcovers into softcovers, we come to Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Distant Realms. Inside this book you’ll find details on six completely different planar cities, complete with maps, history, locations and the cities movers and shakers. Which six cities does it contain? I’m not sure about all of them, but I do know you can expect to find the city of Dis in Hell, the isle of Yulgamot on the Astral Plane, Basrakal (I have no idea where that will be…) and, my personal favourite, Shadow Absalom! Colour me intrigued!

We’ve also got two other awesome adventure path volumes coming out. War for the Crown, which has been spectacularly popular, is getting it’s second last instalment! That’s right! War for the Crown: Part 5 of 6: The Reaper’s Right Hand! And on the Starfinder front? The finale of it’s first adventure path! Dead Suns: Part 6 of 6: Empire of Bones! I cannot wait to get my hands on that bad boy!

PZO90131On the Flip-Mat front we have two to peruse this month. Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Bigger Village is a super-sized play mat which features a desert oasis village on one side, and a walled village on the other side. Both sides seem quite nice looking, and rather usable. The second flip-mat is a super popular mat reprinted. Which one? Flip Mat: Classics: Pub Crawl! One side features a street lined with taverns, while the other is an expanded Flip-Mat: Warehouse for a more cheap and grungy kind of bar. This one’s bound to see a ton of use in PFS play, so I’d get your hands on it while you can.

Near the end of this month we’ll have two new Pathfinder Society Scenarios, and two new Starfinder Society Scenarios  to dive into. PFS: #9-22: Grotto of the Deluged God is a tier 1-5 scenario that tasks your PCs with investigating a shipwreck and contributes to the ongoing storyline of the Concordance faction. Meanwhile, PFS: #9-23: The Ghol-Gan Heresy is a tier 7-11 scenario that lets you take on the Aspis Consortium alongside your grippli allies! In addition to continuing previous events in the Kaava Lands, this scenario also contributes to the ongoing storyline of the Exchange.

SFS: #1-16: Dreaming of the Future is an exciting scenario! A series of four one-hour long quests that task your players with investigating the prophetic visions of a Liavaran Dreamer. These quests take you far across the Pact Worlds, into the Diaspora, Aballon, Verces and, of course, Liavara. This scenario is for tiers 1-4, features starship combat, and is REPEATABLE. Awesome! SFS: 1-17: Reclaiming the Time-Lost Tear is a tier 5-8 scenario. Yup, you heard that right! Tier 5-8! Even more exciting? It continues the story of the Scoured Stars! Pardon me while I squeal in delight!

June’s releases are looking amazing! Got a favourite? Let us know!



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